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At Scriptzenix, we believe that together we can make a difference. From the joy of working on cutting-edge
technologies to a sense of achievement, we strive to offer new career avenues to a wide range of ages and
backgrounds through our easy onboarding programs where candidates can develop their full potential.
Here are some we are exceptionally proud of


Embark on a journey of transformation

When you join, The life at scriptzenix will have the freedom to explore and innovate. You will become a part of inclusive experts & diverse global collective free-thinker who are all driven to use technology to simplify human life.

Bringing back the brightest talent

Welcoming best and brightest talent through this programme. Push boundaries and dream up new possibilities rejoining the workforce after a career break..

Accomplished professionals

From Learning to leadership, you’ll find both at Scriptzenix. This is your chance to discover plenty of career advancements and take them to the next level..

Research careers

With the aim of making an impact and solving real-world problems, Scriptzenix have its door open for researchers working to solve technology’s most exciting challenges..

Sculpting the future leaders

Whether you are an intern, student, or aspirant to explore the tech world. Life at Scriptzenix gives the platform to all that are loyal to work, committed to their future, and ready to accept new challenges.


Life at scricptzenix where you can lead transformation, shape your future path, and contribute to society to make a difference and influence a change..


Life at Scriptzenix offer Xplore – a learner-centric program compiled with a plethora of engagements to start your professional journey, ace your digital skills, allow learning and growing, and more..

Entry-level Hiring

We want our employees to be the owners from day one. We offer young professionals to build a trailblazing career, earn a salary working in a fulfilling role and gain new experience..


Our Culture

Cultural life at scriptzenix is the foundation of our success. We believe our strength is in our people. Driving
positive change, engaging diverse talent, managing workplace equality, fairness, and
compliance make Scriptzenix not just a great place to work but a place to do great work.

life at scriptzenix

Hungry to learn and grow

Our doors are open for the candidates hungry for new job roles, discovering new opportunities, eager to share ideas. If you have a hunger for learning, Peerbits is the right platform for you.


Honest seeks Honesty

Scriptzenix still possesses it’s 1st employee even after completing the 3+ years. And this is because we are honest to employees. We seek honest employee that advocates our brand with honest efforts, interactions, and communication.

life at scriptzenix

Hardworking professionals

An employee that enjoys learning new things, does not settle for this position or that answer, and wants to grow with the company can always consider Peerbits their final work place.

Women empowerment
Life At Scriptzenix

Life at Scriptzenix is committed to identifying, mentoring, supporting, and creating women leaders. We believe that women are the real architect of society and our company. We give a platform to women to raise their voices so that they can be heard, express their talent, give them equal opportunity without any descrimination.

Why Should You Join Us

Life at Scriptzenix provides, your growth, your future, and your personal life. Our actions aim to improve your
knowledge, plus you get peace of mind as we ensure a proper work & personal life balance for each
of our employees


5 days a week


Employee first


Rewards & benefits

Onsite opportunities

Advanced resources

Transparent communication

Positive Environment

Groundbreaking projects

Referral program

Learning sessions

Birthday leave


Our success stories

Delivered industry-focused flawless digital products engaging India’s top talent every client desires.

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